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  Newsletter: Cavitations - Silent Problems in Your Jaw - Part II
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Volume 1, Issue 3, December 2003

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Feature Article
Cavitations (Part 2)

Last month we started our discussion about Cavitations: "Silent Problems in Your Jaw". A quick review: Cavitations are holes in the bone often where teeth have been extracted; they can occur in any bone in the body but are most frequently found in the jawbone. In addition to extraction sites, cavitations are often found around root canal teeth. These holes are like cesspools, they become filled with toxins, some have even been shown to store mercury, and if not quarantined by your body, can go out into your system causing a myriad of symptoms(see below).

How Does One Treat A Cavitation?

I have found that some cavitations can be treated by injecting homeopathics into the area followed by the use of a device called The Anodyne, an infrared pad of a specific wavelength. If this does not work, or if the cavitation is too extensive to begin with, then surgery is necessary. Thorough debridement (cleaning) of the involved bone is required. The Cavitat (a diagnostic device discussed last issue) is helpful in visualizing the extent of the lesion and use of the EAV instrument (a device discussed last issue) is valuable in determining if enough debridement has been accomplished.
One of the causes of a cavitation is lack of proper blood flow to the area; therefore, it is very important to not use vasoconstrictor epinephrine in local anesthetic. I also caution my patients not to use ice after surgery, again to not impede blood flow.

Do All Cavitations Need Treatment?

Here I differ from many holistic dentists and physicians. Almost everyone has a cavitation somewhere - remember these can occur in any bone, but especially in the bones of the jaw. Use of the Cavitat confirms that just about everyone has a jaw bone cavitation. However, I believe (and it is just a belief - I cannot back this up scientifically) that if a Cavitat demonstrated cavitation is present, but is not showing with the EAV to be having a systemic effect, I would not tend to treat it surgically if the person is healthy.

Cavitations and Pain

Cavitations are often the cause of facial pain, and are also referred to as NICO lesions. NICO stands for "Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis". Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) can be caused by a cavitation. TN affects the trigeminal facial nerve and can cause such severe pain that people have committed suicide. To help such people, the nerve itself is sometimes cut. Unfortunately, the underlying cause is often an undiagnosed cavitation. To see if the TN pain or other facial pain is indeed related to a cavitation, a few drops of anesthetic can be injected directly into the bony cavitation, with a special needle device. If they are connected, upon injection, immediate cessation of pain will occur. Patients who have been in pain for years are astounded when the pain dramatically goes away. Of course this is temporary - surgery to clean out the area is necessary.

Cavitations and Systemic Effects

Another result of a cavitation can be a systemic effect with the lesion having consequences beyond the head. I have thus coined the term SICO lesions (Sickness Inducing Chronic Osteonecrosis). If the distant effect is pain - this can often be shown by injection into the cavitation. If the symptoms are other than pain, then the injection testing will not be of benefit but EAV testing will be helpful.

Symptom/Disease List Associated With Cavitations

Here is a list of just some of the diseases or symptoms that have been associated with root canals and cavitations. Because root canals and cavitations are both so toxic, it is hard to separate one from the other.

anemia, angina, appendicitis, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, colitis, cystitis, diabetes, eczema, endocarditis, epilepsy, gall bladder problems, gout, heart disease, hypertension, hyperthyroid, iritis, migraine, nephritis, neuralgia, neuritis, sinus infection, tachycardia, tonsillitis, varicose veins

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Questions & Answers:

Q - Do I have to be put to sleep for cavitational surgery?
A - No, not unless you want to have general anesthetic and be unconscious for the procedure. Local anesthetic (without) epinephrine will allow the surgery to be done pain free.

Q- Why do most dentists not recognize cavitations?
A- It is in the dental pathology books, and has been in the dental literature for decades. Cavitations can occur in any bone and physicians are aware of them. I do not know why dentists don't recognize their existence.

Q- I have arthritis, can it be from a cavitation?
A- The simple answer is yes. However, arthritis can be caused by many things. Overall toxic load, lyme disease, etc. must be evaluated by a physician through comprehensive examination. If no cause can be found, then a full whole-body dental exam should be done. Dentally, cavitations, mercury and root canals can all be related to arthritis.

Dental Detective Story: Cavitation
Having a toothache, Ruth, 65 years old, had a root canal performed on a lower left first molar. However, the pain persisted. She then had the tooth extracted but the pain continued. Going to several MD's and DDS's no cause could be found. Her energy also ebbed away and she was no longer able to dance or play golf. Then numerous discrete areas of swelling on her left arm developed. A biopsy was not diagnostic so her doctor decided it would be best to surgically remove the growths.
Before that happened, Ruth decided to see me. I felt a cavitation was present in the area of extraction and injected a small amount of anesthetic - the pain immediately stopped. That convinced Ruth that I was right and she decided to have surgery to clean out her jaw bone rather than have arm surgery. The cavitation site was very small. A few weeks after the surgery, Ruth came in for a checkup. She had no more facial pain, no more swellings on her arm and she was going to Florida so she could golf all winter.
Three years later, she is still in excellent health.

© 2003, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

Additional Information on cavitations are covered in Dr. Breiner's book, Whole-Body Dentistry, available on-line at www.wholebodydentistry.com or by phone at 1.800.BOOKLOG (800.266.5564).

Note From Dr. Breiner

It is hard to believe that 2004 is almost here. I hope 2003 was a good year for everyone, and that the New Year will be filled with health, happiness and blessings.

The New Year is already bringing me a happy event. The first week in January, my office will be moving to larger facilities so that I can be under the same roof as my son, Dr. Adam Breiner. He is a naturopathic physician and will offer many services which will be complementary to what I do. For instance, he will have colonic therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neurofeedback, and metabolic typing available. I will discuss more about some of these exciting treatment modalities in future e-zines.

Last month's issue of this ezine addressed Cavitations this is an interesting topic and a problem that is often undetected. If you missed Part 1 and would like a copy, please send an email with your request to DoctorBreiner@wholebodydentistry.com and we'll forward last month's issue to your email address.

In this issue I'll continue with Part 2, covering Treatment and Systemic Effects of Cavitations.

In The News - From Dr. Breiner
This month, I've been the guest on two nationally syndicated radio "health talk" shows; The Robert Scott Bell show and The Deborah Ray Show. I hope some of you were able to listen in as we discussed not only Whole-Body Dentistry, but the ongoing battle of First Amendment Rights for dentists like myself.

You can weigh in and make a difference for mercury-free dentistry by supporting the US Congressional House Bill HR 1680 -Mercury in Dental Filling Disclosure & Prohibition Act. Hearings on this bill are taking place - by calling, writing, emailing or faxing your US Congressional Representative to support this bill, you CAN make a difference. Don't know who your US Congressional Representative is? Log onto
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