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  Newsletter: Energetic Testing: Using an EAV Device to diagnosis - January, 2004
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Volume 8, Issue 7

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Note From Dr. Breiner:

This month's e-zine focuses on energetic testing. Over the past few e-zines I have mentioned this modality and felt that it should be explained in greater detail. I often follow the feature article with a "Dental Detective Story". These are chosen from my practice and serve to demonstrate the concepts discussed. While I was writing this e-zine, I had cause to use energetic testing on myself - so, while not a dental related story - the timing was perfect to include it in this month's issue.

The information presented is for educational purposes only. You should consult a qualified dentist or health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

Feature Article
EAV Device

Imagine having one device that not only can screen for mercury toxicity, but can also evaluate the health of teeth, screen for cavitations, and help determine the systemic impact of root canals. This valuable piece of equipment is known as an EAV device. EAV stands for Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll. Today, it is also sometimes called Electro-Dermal Screening, or EDS.

Who invented this revolutionary device?

In the late 1940's, Dr. Reinhold Voll, a German medical doctor, anatomy professor, and acupuncturist, developed the forerunner of the EAV units of today, called the Dermatron. The Dermatron, and its progeny, are basically ohmmeters. Dr. Voll found that over an acupuncture point, there is significantly less skin resistance than over skin in general. Over a normal acupuncture point there is 100,000 ohms of resistance. This represents the number 50 on a scale of 1 to 100. If inflammation is present, there is less resistance, and thus a higher reading. If degenerative changes occur, there will be more resistance, and a reading of less than 50 will appear. With this device, Dr. Voll was able to determine that every tooth and its surrounding structure relates to specific organs, tissues, vertebra, and muscles.

So how does the EAV instrument work?

The patient holds a brass rod (which is plugged into the EAV unit) in one hand; this rod carries a minute amount of current. A stylus, a pen-like device, (which is also plugged into the EAV unit) if touched to the rod will complete the circuit and give a reading of 100 - i.e., no resistance. Now what we do is place the patient into the circuit by touching an acupuncture point with the stylus (see above photo). Different readings will then be recorded on the 1-100 scale. The higher the reading, the less resistance. The most important ENGINE of reading is the Indicator Drop (ID). This is when you get a reading but it cannot hold that number and drops to a lower reading. Think of it as an electronic stress test - a small amount of current goes to the acupuncture point and if there is a problem along that energy pathway, it flunks the stress test. Most often, I find that people with toxic burdens have an indicator drop on the nervous system meridian.

Why is the ID important?

Dr. Voll found that if you have the patient hold an item or place it on a tray which is in the circuit, you can observe if the ID disappears. If it does, knowing from homeopathy that "like cures like", one can then reason that there is a relationship. For example, let us say there is an ID on the nervous system meridian (NV). Homeopathic mercury is placed into the circuit and the ID disappears. This indicates that mercury is affecting the NV meridian. Using this technique one can test anything, i.e., foods, drugs, etc.

Hooray for computers!

Dr. Voll would take hours to test, placing item after item on the testing tray. Today, it is all done with computers. Just like you can digitalize your voice signal and put it onto a disc, the energetic signal of everything can be digitalized and placed into software. Everything has its own energetic signal - foods, drugs, crystals, etc. Instead of placing mercury on the tray, I can output a signal for it and see if the ID disappears. It is all about energetic signals or vibrations and whether or not you resonate with them. Thus it is possible to quickly scan through thousands of items and get a "feel" for what are the major factors affecting a patient.

EAV is also very useful in helping to evaluate if there is a cavitation (see November 2003 and December 2003 E-Zine issues) in an extraction site or if a root canal is having detrimental effects systemically. This is easily accomplished by what is termed therapy localization. The patient takes their index finger on the hand with the brass rod and touches, for example, a root canal tooth. The stylus is then touched to an acupuncture point, i.e., heart. An indicator drop as the acupuncture point is touched, means that the root canal is stressing this meridian. One can check other meridians to see how far reaching the effects are.

EAV has been shown to be as effective in determining food allergies as any other ENGINE of testing. Outputting signals of various foods, it is a very fast and painless method of assessment.

I could go on and on about how valuable I find the use of EAV in my practice. It is the single most important tool in my dental armamentarium. I encourage all health practitioners, especially dentists, to embrace this "Star Trek" technology.

© 2004, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

Additional Information on EAV is covered in Dr. Breiner's book, Whole-Body Dentistry available on-line at www.wholebodydentistry.com or by phone at 1.800.BOOKLOG (800.266.5564).

Q & A:

Q - Dr. Breiner, can you tell me if I have heart disease with the EAV?
A - Eav is not a diagnostic device. It is a tool to use along with conventional testing, as well as common sense, and sound clinical judgement.

My Own "Detective" Story
: I Am Always Amazed

Recently I went to Mexico. The day after I returned I started to have some GI problems, lots of gas and loose stools. I took a homeopathic remedy and charcoal and figured it would resolve. However, over the next few days I got progressively worse and a few more remedies I tried were of no help. At one point it hit me - I should test myself with the EAV. I tested against my large intestine point and came up with a homeopathic remedy. I am always amazed at how quickly the right energetic signal works - in a few hours my symptoms were gone, my tongue looked normal, and my facial color went from white to a healthy pink. 

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