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  Natural Skin Care
Anti-Oxidants, OPC’s and Natural Skin Care
The new buzzword is “Anti-Aging.” We are told to eat right, exercise, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, and take supplements, especially antioxidants, to slow down the aging process.  Choices in skin care should be an important component in your anti-aging regimen.  Most skin products burden the skin with synthetic chemicals and fragrances. A natural approach to your skin care is a positive step for a more youthful and vibrant complexion. 
Anti-oxidants have the ability to neutralize and destroy free radicals, the compounds or by-products created after chemicals, pollution and UV rays attack and damage living cells.
Free radicals are aggressive molecules generated during normal cellular metabolism and which also result from exposure to UV light, cigarette smoke, environmental agents, insecticides and other pollutants.  They cause damage to healthy cell membranes, enzymes, and DNA.  It is thought that free radical reactions may be involved in the process of inflammation, aging, drug induced damage, degenerative arthritis, alterations in immunity, cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Anti-oxidants, through their neutralizing capabilities, protect the structure of the cells and tissues by freeing the body of these harmful radicals.  They can work towards rebuilding collagen and elastin, fighting the skin aging process.
OPC’s or Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, are a natural source of powerful anti-oxidants and are found abundantly in green tea, grape seeds, pine bark, tumeric, and in ligneous (woody) parts of other plants.  They are non-toxic, non-antigenic and non-carcinogenic; furthermore, they have no side effects.
Antioxidants have become important ingredients in the fight against premature aging. Natural antioxidants such as Green Tea, Grape Seed and Tumeric are components of many of the pure skin care products organically grown and formulated by the Jurlique company located in . Jurlique utilizes both the energizing and calming substances from flowers, leaves, herbs, seeds, barks, roots and mineral organically formulated using aromatherapy, homeopathy and an exclusive Biodynamic farming method. Leading products like Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Gel and Wrinkle Softener contain natural antioxidants to promote cell regeneration by naturalizing the effects of free radicals and reduce visible signs of aging.
All Jurlique products are pH balanced and work to purify, harmonize and revitalize the appearance of the skin as well as to eliminate the visual signs of the aging process. Regarded as “The Purest Skin Care on Earth,” Jurlique products and customized facials are now available at The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center.  Dr. Adam Breiner, ND observes, “The philosophy and formulation behind the Jurlique products help to support and enhance natural skin function.”
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